Follow us: @gmgresearch Quick Takes: Last week’s “Use fear as opportunity” email validates that timing is everything. Equity markets are near a short-term low. Watch mega-caps lead. The average inflow price for the S&P since Nov 2020 is around 4160.
Those who survive will come out stronger.
Follow us on twitter @gmgresearch Quick hits: Use this draw-down as an opportunity. The VIX cannot sustain the currently implied daily swings of 1.9…
There is a greater chance of the fed becoming incrementally more dovish in the intermediate term rather than more hawkish.
Price action is what really matters. Fundamentals are always just a narrative.
Last week’s article: Inflation and how it will be tamed at costs The surge in home prices will collapse under rising mortgage rates Consolidation is…
Inflation will be tamed. No matter the cost.
While risk-assets continue to rip higher, be sure to follow us on twitter! We will publish a report next week. @gmgresearch The S&P Is Breaking Out Of…
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